GRE Preparation Guide

 Attention Hellenic College Students:


  • Planning on continuing your studies at Holy Cross?
  • Applying to another graduate school following Hellenic College?

          Taking the GRE is an important step towards your future.   Why?

First, the GRE exam widens the window of opportunity.  Countless academic programs require GRE scores for consideration of acceptance.  For Holy Cross graduates wishing to pursue further studies in theology, education, or social services, GRE test scores remain an active part of your academic record for a five-year period. As such, it is important to take the exam seriously, as poor performance may limit future possibilities. We do not know to what Christ will call us, but we can be certain that he asks of us to be stewards of the time he offers now, which includes diligence in prayer, almsgiving, and as students, in study.

Second, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology is a graduate school, striving to offer the highest pastoral and theological education to its students. Therefore, accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc. (NEASC), and by the Associate of Theological Schools (ATS), is a key component, making certain that major universities and colleges, both home and abroad, recognize your education. To this end, students are asked to take the GRE to ensure not only their level of preparedness, but also the continuance of academic excellence at Holy Cross through accredidation.  Naturally, this point holds true for other academic institutions.

Listed below are some resources the Office of Vocation & Ministry has put together to aid you in the process. GRE tutoring can often be expensive, so be sure to take advantage of the many FREE services offered by these companies.


Educational Testing Service

What is the GRE®? Where do I sign-up? How much does it cost? This is one-stop website where you sign-up for the GRE and get an overview as to its purpose and contents. Additionally, you can peruse test-taking strategies, download practice questions, and find many other free resources to aid preparation.



Apart from offering comprehensive tutoring, classes, and online services that can be costly, Kaplan offers may free events around the Boston area. This includes practice tests at local colleges/universities and online, as well as sessions regarding Graduate School Admissions, Writing a Personal Statement, Financial Aid, and even a sample GRE class, all for FREE. Visit the Kaplan website for more information.

Kaplan also produces a GRE Test Prep book that includes 5 full-length GRE practice tests, hundreds of additional practice questions, and test-taking strategies. The book retails between $20-25 online.


Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers excellent resources for understanding the financial aspect of going to graduate schools: filling out FAFSA forms, taking out Stafford Loans, reviewing their Scholarship database, etc. In addition, this website offers free services, including workshops on GRE preparation and practice exams at local colleges and universities.