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 Four-Year Approach to Vocation Exploration

The OVM's Four-Year Approach to Vocation Exploration seeks to integrate an Orthodox Christian understanding of vocation with the practical aspects of career exploration and development. The OVM works in collaboration with the Office of Spiritual Formation and Counseling Services, the Office of Student Life, and the Dean’s Office. Programs and offerings ask students to think theologically about vocation, and along with individual meetings with OVM staff, invite students to acquire the practical tools to make good decisions and plans regarding their career and/or ministry endeavors. OVM staff seek to know Hellenic College students by name, meet their unique vocational needs within the context of mentoring relationships, and track their progress through this four-year approach. Click on the following link to download a PDF file outlining the four-year approach.

If you are interested in working in the Church, see the new site:

        "OrthodoxJobs is the source for Orthodox Christians who are seeking employment in an Orthodox environment. In its current version, it is a posting site of Job opportunities for any Archdiocese, Metropolis, Diocese, Parish, or Organization that falls under the jurisdiction of SCOBA, the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas. To post a job on this site, simply send us a full job description with contact information and duration of the posting. Future releases will include resources for employers and employees.

"OrthodoxJobs is a collaborative effort of the Information Technologies Commission of SCOBA, the Office of Vocation & Ministry at Hellenic College, and St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary.

Need interested applicants? 

If your SCOBA Archdiocese, Metropolis, Diocese, Parish, or Organization would like to advertise a new position opening to Hellenic College and/or Holy Cross students, please email with a brief job ad (for examples, see and and a full job description. We will be happy to post the position opening on our bulletin board and distribute to all student mailboxes. The Office of Vocation & Ministry wants students to know that there are jobs in the Church out there for them!


Human Resources for Orthodox Lay Ministry

Need help creating a job, writing a job description, interviewing applicants? If your Orthodox church or organization is interested in developing a new position (such as a youth ministry position, lay pastoral assistant, administrative assistant, etc.), and is interested in resources for writing job descriptions, interviewing candidates, etc., please contact us!  We would be happy to help. Email Ann Bezzerides, Director of the Office of Vocation & Ministry.

  • For information about general employment and tips for applying, see our Employment Links
  • For Career Service resources at Hellenic College, contact Paul Lundberg.



StrengthsFinder is an online assessment tool which helps students to identify their top five "Signature Themes" - their five greatest areas of talent. It was created by educators who recognized the need for high school and college students to identify and further develop their natural talents, and differs from approaches that focus on improving weaknesses.

The Office of Vocation & Ministry sponsors StrengthsFinder for all incoming Hellenic College  students; all interested Hellenic College faculty, staff, and administration; and all CrossRoad participants (it is otherwise a $22 assessment). Reflection on Signature Themes is an integral part of OVM programs and retreats. Holy Cross graduate school students interested in taking StrengthsFinder should contact the Office of Spiritual Formation. For more information about the StrengthsFinder program, visit the product website or stop by the Office of Vocation & Ministry.

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