Faculty and the Future of Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

Jennifer Nahas, Executive Director, OCF

Identifying Orthodox professors and researchers at US colleges is of seminal importance for Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF). Not only can Orthodox faculty have a pivotal academic and mentoring role in the lives of Orthodox college students, but they can also serve as a stable presence in the life of an OCF chapter. This academic year, the North American OCF office conducted stakeholder interviews and found that OCF Chapters suffer when OCF student leaders graduate. As one person reported, “It very difficult to sustain OCF work and cultivate new leaders from one year to the next.” Stakeholders identified that the steady presence of an Orthodox college professor allows for a more streamlined transition and a continuation of OCF activities over time. OCF is hopeful that the OSI database will help identify faculty who can be an increasingly important presence for OCF chapter development. Www.ocf.net.