Faculty Seminar 2003–2004


The OVM intends to engage the faculty and administration of Hellenic College in an extended discussion on both what the Orthodox theological tradition has to offer to contemporary discussion on vocation and on each participant's own vocation as a scholar, teacher, or administrator at a Christian institution. To this end, a group of faculty and administration of Hellenic College participated in a year-long seminar on vocation AY 2003–2004.

In the seminar Orthodox theologians presented papers from their own specific theological discipline - Scripture, liturgy, church history, ethics, etc. - on the topic of vocation. This series of papers produced from these talks is being edited and published for wider use and reference among Orthodox Christians, and as an essential contribution to the wider field of scholarship on vocation and faith. One of the articles for the collection is available on this site: "Seek First His Kingdom: An Invitation to Christian Vocation" by Dr John Barnet. For questions or information on this publication contact Ann Bezzerides at abezzerides@hchc.edu.