Christ at Work: Orthodox Christian Perspectives on Vocation

Christ at Work cover

What should I do with my life? What should I major in? What career should I choose? Should I get married? What if I can’t find a job that I want? How do I balance work and family life? Twenty-first-century North Americans struggle with questions of vocation and calling, and parish priests, spiritual fathers, lay counselors, parents, teachers, youth workers — those whom we regularly turn to for guidance — affirm this.

In this volume, theologians steeped in Eastern and Orthodox traditions of Christianity write expressly on the topic of vocation. Khaled Anatolios, Deborah Belonick, John Barnet, Stanley Harakas, Demetrios Katos, Paul Meyendorff, Theodore Stylianopoulos, and Paul Nadim Tarazi offer wisdom for those who seek to know Christ at work in the world and in their lives.

“I welcome this imaginative and pioneering work, on a subject so far little explored by Orthodox writers. While taking into account contemporary western approaches, the book has also a solid scriptural and patristic basis. We find an answer here to the question: How far does the modern notion of “vocation” have a place within the Orthodox worldview?” Kallistos Ware

“To be and do what God wills us to be and do is life itself. Those wanting to live, and not just to exist or survive, will find this little book a gift and a blessing.” Thomas Hopko

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Free Companion Study Guide

The study guide for Christ at Work invites readers to deeper reflection on the Orthodox Christian theological exploration of vocation. Written by Michelle Torski, an undergraduate student at Duke University and an alumna of the CrossRoad vocation exploration program for high school juniors and seniors, the study guide is appropriate for any individual or group looking for how faith can inspire the vocational journey.

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