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Memory Eternal! Sonia Daly Belcher

The OVM is mourning the recent loss of our dear coworker, Sonia Daly Belcher, wife of OVM Assistant Director Dn. Nicholas Belcher, who fell asleep in the Lord on her 32nd birthday, February 20, 2008.

The work of the Office of Vocation & Ministry and the CrossRoad program would simply not be what it is without the vision and love of Sonia.  Sonia was on the initial planning committe for the Lilly Endowment grant to Hellenic College, and was pivotal in the hiring of Ann Bezzerides as director.  Two years later her soon-to-be husband Nick came on board as the dynamic Assistant Director.  So many CrossRoaders, OCF, and Hellenic College students have had their lives touched by Dn. Nick, and all of his work is infused with Sonia's love and support-of him, of his ministry, and for all the students.  This Sunday he and Sonia were going to host, as they have done every month for the last year and a half, the "OVM RoundTable"--an incredible group of Hellenic College students who discuss the relationship of their Orthodox faith to contemporary issues.  Sonia would home cook them a meal, providing hospitality and outreach to college students that is all too rare today.  While Sonia's fulltime job was as the dynamic Director of Admissions for Hellenic College and Holy Cross--through which she taught us that professionalism and faithfulness can coexist--as an "OVM Spouse" Sonia was always around to help, support and love us, asking, "What can I do to help?"  We were able to alert the CrossRoad family of the sad news because, unbelievably, Sonia designed our filemaker contact system. 

Sonia, our dear friend and coworker in the Lord, we will struggle with your death every day for years to come, and we will struggle all the more as we walk side-by-side Dn. Nick as he lives knowing that you are with our Lord, but without your practical guidance every day, especially raising little Andrew.  While we pray for you, the prayers we need more are your intercessions for us.  We will continue our work thinking of you, for we know that Orthodox Christian education was your heart's mission, and that Christ brings life from death and hope from despair.

 With the spirits of the righteous made perfect
Give rest to the soul of Your servant
Sonia Daly Belcher
O Savior
And keep her soul safe in that life of blessedness
That is lived with you
O Lover of Mankind 

To see pictures of Sonia and get a glimse of the hundreds of hearts she has touched, see http://soniabelcher.wordpress.com/

To talk to anyone in the OVM, call us at (617) 850-1308.