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Forty-Three Attend CrossRoad Alumni Retreat


The Office of Vocation & Ministry at Hellenic College welcomed CrossRoad alumni and staff back to the campus of Hellenic College/Holy Cross for the annual CrossRoad Alumni Retreat March 20-22, 2009. Forty-three alumni and five alumni staff participated in the weekend's events, which were keynoted by Dr. Albert Rossi, professor of Pastoral Theology at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary and five-year CrossRoad lecturer. Activities included sessions with Dr. Rossi, a Q&A panel discussion, and daily services at Holy Cross Chapel. The retreat centered on the theme of "Freedom and Boundaries in Christ" and included discussion of the nature of freedom in Christ, stillness, and the spiritual life.

Several of the participants reflected during the event on the paradoxical nature of freedom in Christ, noting that "true freedom comes through absolute submission," and "freedom is surrender." One participant noted that he could best use his freedom in Christ "to completely submit to His will and allow Him to completely fill my life."

Another alum reflected after the event: "One of the biggest things I got out of this weekend was a new perspective on God's will. It's less about what we 'should' be doing and more about how to handle circumstances as they come... I'm going to see the decisions I make everyday as part of a much larger process of nearing to God - and I know the specific ways to achieve that."

The organizers hoped that this retreat would allow alumni to revisit their original CrossRoad experience through relevant discussion, prayer time, and fellowship. Many participants commented that they were refreshed and revitalized by the weekend. One alum noted, "Many members of my family have mentioned that they noticed a different me, all around, when I returned from CrossRoad. This weekend will remain a revival and extension of the experiences I had during CrossRoad."

CrossRoad, a ten-day summer vocational exploration institute for Orthodox Christian high schoolers, is sponsored by the Office of Vocation & Ministry through the generosity of the Lilly Endowment and benefactors from the greater Orthodox community. For more information, please see the CrossRoad website at www.crossroad.hchc.edu or call 617-850-1310.