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Orthodoxy & The University

The Second Consultation of the Orthodox Scholars' Initiative

The Office of Vocation & Ministry (OVM ) at Hellenic College is pleased to announce a consultation of the Orthodox Scholars' Initiative (OSI), to be held from June 3-4, 2009 on the campus of Hellenic College/Holy Cross, Brookline, MA. "Orthodoxy & The University" aims to address four thematic areas:

1. Orthodoxy and the University: the Relationship between Faith and Learning
2. Orthodoxy and an Orthodox College (Hellenic College)
3. Orthodox Christian Scholars in Non-Orthodox Institutions: Secular and Faith-Based
4. Student and Faculty Panel Discussion on Mentoring

These areas are further expanded in the Call for Papers. Scholars wishing to present papers on one of these topics should email an abstract to the consultation administrators no later than March 1, 2009. For more information, please see the www.osi.hchc.edu and the Call For Papers.

A separate Call for Student Presenters is available; any Orthodox Christian undergraduate student who might be interested in addressing the following questions is encouraged to apply:

Orthodox Christian Students: To what extent are your faith commitments formed and challenged in the classroom, through professors and coursework? What challenges and opportunities do you face as your academic/intellectual lives develop? To what extent do faculty mentor you as you navigate these challenges and opportunities? Have you received mentoring or guidance from Orthodox faculty, and if so, what has your experience been? What are your best hopes for how you might be mentored by Orthodox Christian faculty?

Please direct questions regarding the consultation to the Office of Vocation & Ministry: (617) 850-1312.