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Towards a Shared Vision

During the 2004 – 05 academic year, Hellenic College students, faculty, and staff embarked on a series of retreats designed to review the mission of the school and their role in its success. Supported by the Lilly Endowment Vocations grant to Hellenic College, the entire community engaged in a series of retreats and focus groups, which culminated in a decision by the senior administration of the college to involve all stakeholders of the college in a continued discussion of the vision and mission of Hellenic College. President Nicholas Triantafilou has established a committee of trustees, clergy, faculty, administration, staff, benefactors, and friends of Hellenic College to review the mission statement of the school and revise the statement reflecting the ideas and thoughts of the members and their constituents.

On September 20, 2005, the Mission Statement Steering Committee held its first meeting on the campus of Hellenic College. The committee came together to discuss where Hellenic College is now and compared the present position in relation to its current mission statement. This discussion then focused on how the committee would like to see Hellenic College continue to grow. The committee members are currently meeting with their constituents and will report back to the committee the first of November. The next committee meeting is scheduled for November 15. For more information on the Mission Statement work please read “Towards a Shared Vision of the Mission of Hellenic College.”