CrossRoad Establishes Alumni Advsiory Board

Fueled by the ethusiastic initiative of a few trusty Alumni, CrossRoad is thrilled to announce the recent establishment of an Alumni Advisory Board! Applications are now available for all interested CrossRoad alumni who would like to give back to the program and stay connected with their CR family!

Alumni Board Application Forms Available HERE!

Please read the informative letter below by '05 CR Alumna Michelle Torski for details:

December 21, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we approach the Nativity of our Lord and Savior, I am reminded of new beginnings and in that spirit, I wish to introduce you to a new idea – the CrossRoad Alumni Advisory Board.  As our CrossRoad Alumni family continues to grow, I see a rising opportunity to find new ways to serve each other in effort to maintain relationships and support each other in our walks with Christ.

The Alumni Advisory Board will be a gateway between the Office of Vocation and Ministry and  the ever expanding CrossRoad family.  The Board will be responsible for creating new initiatives to outreach to alumni and harness their skills and talents to further improve the CrossRoad experience for future classes.  It will fulfill several needs:

  • Harness the talents and skills of alumni with various backgrounds
  • Give space to foster new, creative ideas on how to serve the CrossRoad alumni and other Orthodox young adults
  • Keep alumni connected with the OVM and each other, promoting more sustained and meaningful relationships
  • Allow alumni to give back to the CrossRoad program

We seek to fill the Board with qualified, motivated, innovative leaders from all CrossRoad classes.  Board members will be given opportunities to devise and follow through initiatives to serve their fellow alumni.  They will be accountable for organizing various project logistics.  Additionally, a key function of the Board members will be continual outreach to the other alumni, particularly those in their class, including understanding the alumni needs, desires and interests.

Board members would be expected to spend about 10 hours a month on related activities and attend a semi-annual weekend retreat.  Members would serve on the Board for one year with an optional one-year extension.  Board members would be able to reapply should they desire to serve longer.

If you are interested in applying to be a Board Member, please complete the attached application.  If you have any ideas for projects the Board should pursue or wish to be involved in a project without being on the Board, please express your interest to the OVM.  Any questions should also be directed to the OVM.


Wishing you a very Blessed Nativity,

Michelle Torski 

CrossRoad 2005, CrossRoad Junior Staff 2006, 2007, 2008