Audio Resources

The Jesus Prayer - Dr. George Stavros 

In this talk, given for a parish retreat at St. Demetrios' Greek Orthodox Church in Weston, MA, Dr. Stavros introduces the ancient practice of the Jesus Prayer in a practical manner, drawing on his doctoral research and personal experiences and stories to enrich the presentation! This message serves as a simple reminder of the power of invoking the name of Jesus in the most trivial tasks on an everyday basis! 

Servant-Leadership Seminar - Tim Tassopoulos

Mr. Tassopoulos, who has served for many years in a corporate environment, shares some practical wisdom on how to become a servant-leader. His knowledge, though reinforced by current research, comes from his years of experience managing large teams of employees. His words are both relevant and simple, profound and deeply inspired by the Christian message to follow Christ's example of serving those around Him.