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The Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board

Director: Nick Lionas

Assistant Director: Michael Kallis

Treasurer: Dimitri Burikas

Corresponding Secretary: Ted Cherpas

Recording Secretary: Ivey Brown

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is an organization committed to community development.  At a school that is building well-rounded leaders in the world, CAB offers the students of Hellenic College Holy Cross the ability to connect with everyone more personally on campus.  CAB focuses on bringing students and their families together for fellowship and service. 

Some Events:


This year CAB put together team building exercises to help bring the first year students together.  It was an opportunity for them to get to know each other and grow into the community.


Twice each year, on the Saturdays following the Universal Exaltation of the Holy Cross and following Pascha, CAB puts on a Panigiri open to the entire HC/HC community and the Philoxenia House of the Metropolis of Boston.  A DJ provides a full evening of entertainment, including traditional Greek folk dances.  A group of student volunteers spend two days planning and cooking a fabulous meal enjoyed by all.

Service Projects:

This year, CAB has made it a priority to provide opportunities for students to offer services to the Boston community.  This includes offering meals to the homeless, making blankets for hospital patients and running clothing drives to help those in the cold during the winter. 

Fall Fest:

Held at the end of October, families in married student housing as well as students in the dorms, come together in fellowship to play games, paint pumpkins, fish for donuts and even sing Karaoke.  It’s a “come one, come all” event that truly brings the community together right before it really starts to get cold.


Up Coming Events in the Spring

HC/HC Tournament of Champions

Laser Tag

Super Bowl Party

March Madness

Talent/Variety Show

Work with other student organizations:

Campus Activities Board works closely with many other on campus organizations, especially with the Spiritual Life Committee, offering symposia as a way for students to hear and see examples of wisdom and spirituality from learned and experienced members of the Church.  CAB also works closely with the Married Students Association and the Athletic Committee.