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Polemanakos Dormitory


The newest improvement in the Polemanakos Dormitory is new carpeting and a new mattress for every dormitory room. The dorm also has new desks and ergonomic chairs in each room. New security entrance doors were also recently installed. The fire panel has been upgraded to include new horns and strobe lights, and new smoke and heat detectors were installed.

Wireless Internet is available in the dormitory.  

All dorm rooms and common areas were repainted. The student lounge has been completely renovated, complete with all new furniture and fixtures. Walkway railings were replaced. New carpeting has been installed throughout the dorm.


The boiler system  has been replaced. State of the art laundry equipment has been installed, along with new vending machines. We have installed new water fountains, bathroom faucets and mirrors, shower stalls, and bathroom floors. Bathroom ceilings and ceramic tiles were repaired.