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Administration Building

 admin building

The Veranda has been restored, and the entire area landscaped.  A new dumpster shed was built by the Building and Grounds staff.

Dowd Hall
The fireplace mantel was repaired.  The room was patched and the bathroom renovated.

First Floor
New glass doors were installed.  An admissions lounge was created for our visitors. The hallway was repainted and the old carpeting was replaced. The bathroom was renovated. A conference room was added.

Second Floor
Wallpaper was removed and the entire area was painted.  A new waiting area outside the Dean's offices was created. On this floor, we removed damaged office carpeting, and refinished hardwood floors. Fifteen window air conditioning units were installed, and the annex carpeting was replaced.

Third Floor
Eighteen new windows were installed.

Our Buildings and Grounds staff built a new mailroom.  New offices were created for both the press and bookstore managers. The hallway was renovated, and a new floor was installed.  Books previously stored in the hallway were moved to a more suitable storage location.

Office Reorganization
Offices were reorganized, and related offices grouped together to ensure maximum productivity.  Faculty duplicate offices were reassigned to others in need of office space.