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Dedicated to All Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology Alumni

Ancient Music Meets Cutting Edge Technology

October 08, 2013
Byzantine chant, although tied to European culture in many ways, is different from Western music. It is modal and microtonal. The Horus captures these distinctive microtones in a way never before heard on a recording.


Greek Orthodox CD Recorded by Local Students the Week of Boston Bombings

October 04, 2013
The Monday before the recording was to happen, there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon. Over a dozen of our students were on the scene, including some eye witnesses. We realized more than ever that the Orthodox understanding of the co-suffering love of Christ and healing through the power of the Cross was what our city needed. The recording would go on.


What is the Byzantine Chant?

October 03, 2013
Byzantine Chant is strictly vocal. This means that it is a form of music always performed a capella. Instruments were excluded from worship since early Christian times because they were associated with pagan rites, but also because the voice was regarded as the most pure and perfect instrument.


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October 02, 2013