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2015-2016 Ambassadors

Chris Retelas – Director

Chris is originally from, well, all over the West (best) Coast. Raised in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area (go 49ers, Giants, and Cal Bears!) until he was seven, he then grew up in Portland, OR (go Trailblazers!) for the next 11 years before he and his family moved to Sacramento. Chris graduated from CSU Sacramento with a degree in Business Administration before moving to New York (go Rangers!) for two years in order to get engaged to his wonderful wife, Kalli. Now he and Kalli live in Boston (with their newborn baby girl, Asimina!), where he is currently in his senior year of studies at Holy Cross pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. Camp and youth ministry have always been focal points in Chris’s life. Some of his greatest friendships (and his marriage!) have come from his experiences at camps and working with youth. He has considerable experience as a camper, counselor, staff member, and director at St. Nicholas Ranch, Camp Angelos, All Saints Camp, and Ionian Village. Chris is looking forward to sharing his passion and experience with the youth and young adults throughout the country with this year's awesome Ambassadors group!

 Cassandra Garibaldi

Cassandra Garibaldi grew up near Lowell, MA. She is currently a senior in the Master of Divinity program at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. In the spring of 2013, she received her bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Hellenic College. She has been a part of the Ambassadors program for the past five years and is excited to begin a sixth year. Cassandra has a passion for youth ministry. Over her five years, she has been a part of retreats in the New England area and across the country. She spends her summers at her home away from home--the Metropolis of Boston Camp. She is very thankful for her many opportunities to serve the youth of the Church and is blessed to be a part of a program with so many faithful individuals.

 Gregory Gounardes

Gregory hails from the great borough of Brooklyn, of the wonderful city of New York, and is a third-year student in the Master in Divinity program at Holy Cross.  Gregory pursued his undergraduate degree at Brooklyn College with a double major in Religious Studies and Classical Literature. Youth work has been an important part of his life, and he has been on staff at Camp Saint Paul since 2009. His time in youth ministry is what inspired him to enroll in seminary to further his opportunities. He is very excited to be serving in the Ambassadors program again this year!  

Demetrios Constantine

Living in a number of states and growing up with a number of siblings, Demetri Constantine, a Hellenic College graduate, is starting his first year at Holy Cross, where he is currently working on a Master of Divinity degree. However, grad school is not the newest life change for Demetri. This past August, Demetri was blessed to marry the most amazing person in the world, his new wife, Maria. Over the last several years, Demetri has enjoyed working with the youth in various capacities, spending four years on staff at Camp Nazareth in PA, volunteering at All Saints Camp in WA, and helping to lead various retreats and youth activities. In his free time, Demetri loves playing just about every sport; he also likes watching movies, playing board games, singing, chanting, painting, cheering on the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, and, simply spending quality time with good company. This is his second year as a member of the Ambassadors program, and he is very excited about everything this year has to offer!

 Sarah Livick-Moses

Sarah Livick-Moses is a senior in the Literature and History major at Hellenic College and she recently got married in July 2015. This is her second year as an Ambassador. As a GOYAn, she enjoyed many summers at St. Stephen’s Summer Camp in SC and attended the Winter Youth Rally in Atlanta. She believes that, as an Ambassador, she can add to the experience of youth who are attending those events now. Having moved all over the USA as a military brat, Sarah enjoys the travel that comes with the Ambassadors’ job description. She loves getting involved with youth events and is excited for the opportunity to minister to Orthodox youth around the country!

Alexander Kamilaris

Embarking on a new journey in life, Alexander is a first-year seminarian at Holy Cross. He graduated from Hellenic College in May 2015 and has a great deal of love and respect for all happenings on the Holy Hill. He is eager to be on the Ambassadors team, as he thoroughly enjoys working with youth and sharing his experience at HCHC. Alex enjoys writing poetry, spending time with family and friends, serving those in need, and playing racquetball. He hopes that he can bring the light of the Lord that shines so brightly on the Holy Hill at HCHC to all those whom he encounters in life.

Anna Teodosiadis

Anna Teodosiadis was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and is a junior at Hellenic College. She is studying Human Development and Religious Studies because of her interest in the connection between psychology and spirituality. Anna has attended and counseled at All Saints Camp in her home state for as long as she can remember. She is in love with being at camp, and if she could, would be at camp for life! Her love for dancing, teaching, traveling, laughing, and Orthodoxy makes her very ecstatic for her second year as an Ambassador.

Claire Barden

Claire Barden grew up in Raleigh, NC, but calls Boston her home (and is learning to love the Sox). She is a sophomore in the Literature and History program in Hellenic College, which means you won’t find her forgetting the Oxford comma in her papers.  As she grows in her Orthodox faith, she’s finding more ways to be involved in the Antiochian Archdiocese and HCHC – having been a camp counselor at Camp St. Thekla in SC, a HCHC Orientation Leader, and now an RA in Polemanakos Dorms. In Claire’s spare time, she loves to read, play her guitar, and write on her blog about life’s small adventures. This is Claire’s first time serving with the Ambassadors program, and she is thrilled to share her love for Christ with Orthodox youth around the nation.

Dimitri Konstantinou

Dimitri Konstantinou is a seminarian in his junior year at Hellenic College in the Religious Studies program. He plans to go on to Holy Cross and receive his Master of Divinity degree, so that, God willing, one day he may be ordained to the priesthood. Dimitri hails from Williamsburg, VA. Dimitri has a passion for youth ministry and has spent his summers as a counselor at Camp Good Shepherd and Camp Good Shepherd Virginia. He has spent the past summer serving as the Director of Youth Ministries at his home parish of Sts. Constantine and Helen in Newport News, VA. In his free time, Dimitri enjoys chanting, playing football or basketball, Greek dancing, or just relaxing outside on a beautiful day. He is also a diehard Washington Wizards fan, and he loves Virginia Tech football! Dimitri is thrilled by the opportunity to give back to Orthodox youth across the country.

Alexandra Drechsler

Alexandra is in her second year at Hellenic College, studying Elementary Education with a minor in Religious Studies. At her high school in the Chicago suburbs, she ran four years of varsity cross country and played viola in the chamber orchestra. She graduated from high school a cum laude scholar and an AP scholar of distinction, and was named a 2015 Pan-Hellenic Scholarship recipient. She has taught English at the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea's summer camp, helped build a house with Project Mexico, and interned at a Chicago area law firm. At HCHC, Alexandra loves Orthros, studying Byzantine chant, and running around Jamaica Pond. She hopes to use her education degree to serve the Church in domestic and international mission work in the future.

Seraphim Ramos

Seraphim was born in California as Spencer Ramos, and was raised in Washington State with his three brothers and two sisters. Sports (track, wrestling, and football) and the Christian faith were both integral parts of his formation. On Christmas Eve 2007 the entire Ramos family was received into the Orthodox Church and this was really the turning point of Spencer's life at 16 years old. This transformation was initiated by reading the life of St. Seraphim of Sarov and taking his name. After graduating from high school, Seraphim moved to Boston and entered Hellenic College by God's grace. There he met Olenka, his lovely wife, and they both graduated in the class of 2014. Later that summer they were married in the Church of the Theotokos "Joy of All Who Sorrow" in San Francisco, where the relics of St. John Maximovitch reside, and they are now expecting their first child. Seraphim is in the second year of the three-year Master of Divinity program at Holy Cross. St. Nicholas Ranch and the Metropolis summer camp held there every July was also a wonderful part of Seraphim's experience of the Orthodox Church and camp will forever have a place in his heart as an important and beautiful ministry to show the beauty of the Orthodox faith to the young people of the Church.

Matthew Jouthas

Matthew Jouthas was born and raised in California and is in his final semester of Hellenic College in the Religious Studies A program, looking forward to starting Holy Cross!  He enjoys hiking, basketball, Greek dance, and offering everything he can to serve the Church.  Having participated in Saint Nicholas Ranch Summer Camp, he is excited to offer his best to his first year in the Ambassadors program!

Bailie Henry

Bailie Henry grew up in the great state of Oklahoma and is in her sophomore year at Hellenic College, pursuing a bachelor’s degree Business Management and Leadership. Bailie has been involved in her metropolis camp since she was in 7th grade and is now a camp counselor there in the summer.  Bailie has a great love for baseball, traveling, crafting, and country music! This is her first year as an Ambassador and she is very excited to work with the Orthodox youth and help to serve  Sonia Belcher’s HCHC Ambassadors Program.