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Elementary Education Program

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The Elementary Education Program offers an integrated course of study that leads to a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Elementary Education. It enables students to obtain licensure as elementary school teachers (grades 1-6) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition to preparing teachers for teaching in public schools, the program also prepares teachers who wish to serve community schools within the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

The Elementary Education Program consists of a strong multicultural component. Students in the program become familiar with current developments in curriculum and instruction, understand the role of schools and teachers in society, and are prepared to meet the needs of students from diverse racial, socioeconomic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. The program culminates in a fourteen-week intensive student teaching practicum in diverse school sites, including the Boston and Brookline public schools.

The interdisciplinary nature of the teacher education program enables future teachers to gain a broad vision and an appreciation of what it means to be a teacher. In accordance with the mission of Hellenic College, the program prepares caring professionals who view teaching as a calling and nurtures in them an impassioned commitment to the teaching/learning process. All courses and field experiences are designed to meet the Professional Standards for Teachers required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for licensure (see www.doe.mass.edu). The program is accredited by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Admission Requirements

In addition to completing an application to be accepted into Hellenic College, all students interested in the Elementary Education Program must complete a supplemental application form.  If accepted, they can transfer 6 credits into the program.  Those credits must have been acquired by taking education courses that are comparable to the education courses offered at Hellenic College.  No courses will be waived without the approval of the Director of the program.  All full-time student teaching experiences must take place in-state unless there are extenuating circumstances, which will be reviewed by the Director of the program. 

Degree Requirements

All students accepted into the Elementary Education Program must major in Liberal Studies (see course listings in catalog).  The Liberal Studies major (36 credits) provides students with opportunities to gain knowledge about a range of courses in arts and humanities, philosophy and religion, social sciences, and natural sciences.  In conjunction with the General Education requirements, the Liberal Studies major provides students enrolled in the Elementary Education Program with an opportunity to explore a range of subject areas that complement and incorporate the 36 subject area semester hours needed to meet the Massachusetts Department of Education requirements.  Some of the coursework in the Liberal Studies major may also count toward the General Education requirements.

Students majoring in Liberal Studies will: 

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of course content within the specific academic disciplines of the Liberal Studies program.
  2. Read and respond in an informed and discerning way to written text of the different disciplines of the Liberal Studies program.
  3. Research topics, themes, and questions within individual courses and across disciplines.
  4. Write in a clear, coherent, and organized manner.

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