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Building Partnerships: Schools Combine IT Resources

Andover Newton Theological School (ANTS) and Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (HCHC) have recently entered into a special interfaith partnership. The two schools, which are only 4 miles apart, have shared a warm and respectful relationship for many years. They have now come together to create a platform for interfaith cooperation and greater leveraging of their resources.

This partnership is driven by practical necessities and by the opportunity to advance interreligious understanding. The former invites the schools to explore the administrative and operational dimensions of their work with the hope of finding economies of scale and other efficiencies. The latter invites the schools to explore the academic, programmatic, and spiritual dimensions of their curricula to discover new insights for the preparation of leaders for their respective traditions in the 21st century.

This partnership is committed to affirm and advance the unique missions and identities of the schools, not weaken them. “We recognize the challenges of theological education that we share and the enormous potential for meeting those challenges through a reordering of our businesses to free more resources for our students and faculties,” said Nick Carter, President of Andover Newton. Father Nicholas Triantafilou, President of Hellenic College Holy Cross, said, "We are called by God to exercise, practically and creatively, the spiritual truth and wonder of sister and brother fellowship in the Holy Spirit. This is to His glory and to the betterment of His world."

The initial work the schools will share involves combining the leadership and direction of their information technology services. Dr. Mugur Roz of HCHC assumed the role of CIO for both schools on November 1. Hellenic College Holy Cross and Andover Newton are currently exploring additional opportunities for sharing of services and programming.

Andover Newton Theological School, founded in 1807, is the first graduate school of any kind in America. Always an innovator in religious education, Andover Newton is internationally recognized as a leader in interfaith learning.

Hellenic College Holy Cross is the oldest and largest accredited Orthodox Christian institution of higher education in North America that offers theological, professional and liberal arts programs that integrate education, faith, and service. HCHC is one academic community comprised of two distinct schools that have evolved together.