Protopresbyter Alkiviadis Calivas with a cross that contains a piece of the True Cross
during services in Holy Cross Chapel on Septenber 14, 2010.
Archbishop Demetrios with members of the senior class of Holy Cross at Great Vespers
in Holy Cross Chapel on September 13, 2010.



Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology officially began its 74th  year, and Hellenic College its 43rd, on September 14th, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Although classes began on September 9th, the traditional opening is on the School’s feast day. Festivities began with Archbishop Demetrios presiding at Great Vespers on September 13th. He was assisted by the President, Father Nicholas Triantafilou, the Chaplain, Father Peter Chamberas and Father Eugen Pentiuc, Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew. Metropolitan Methodios of Boston was also in attendance at vespers and the liturgy the next day. Holy Cross Chapel was filled to overflowing with students, faculty, staff and many visitors, including family members of new and continuing students.

The Rassoforia and Stavroforia services were held at the conclusion of the service. The Archbishop presented an exorason to each seminarian member of the senior class in the School of Theology. The senior class has forty three members this year. Twenty six are Greek Orthodox Archdiocese seminarians from every geographic region of the United States, eight are women and nine are men from eight different Orthodox jurisdictions from this country, Europe and Africa. The school cross was given to the thirty seminarians in the second year of the College and the School of Theology.   

The Chapel was once again filled to capacity for the Divine Liturgy on the feast day. Archbishop Demetrios presided, assisted by Father Nicholas Triantafilou, former President Father Alkiviadis Calivas, Father Peter Chamberas, Father Eugen Pentiuc and Father Evangelos Thiani, a Holy Cross student from Kenya.

Holy Cross has an entering class of forty five students, of whom twenty five are Master of Divinity seminarians of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese representing seven Metropolises. Seven of those are married and have come to the School of Theology with their wives and children, joining thirty other married seminarians. Five of this class attended the Crossroad summer program, sponsored by the Office of Vocation and Ministry at Hellenic College, when they were in high school. Four other Orthodox jurisdictions are represented by five Master of Divinity students. The remainder of the class is comprised of  those seeking the degrees of Master of Theology and Master of Theological Studies as well as two exchange students from Greece. Notable is that one Protestant student enrolled in the MTh program and one Roman Catholic student enrolled in the MTS program.

Hellenic College welcomed twenty six students to the freshman class. Eleven were awarded Chrysostom Scholarships upon acceptance. This scholarship provides 100% of tuition the first year and 80% the following three years, provided an adequate grade point average is maintained. Any senior winner of the annual St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Contest (sponsored by the Archdiocese’s Department of Religious Education) at the parish level is eligible for the scholarship providing they qualify for admission to the College. Eight of the freshmen also attended the Crossroad program, three of whom  received Chrysostom Scholarships.                                                                                                                                 

Below is a list of upcoming events at Hellenic College Holy Cross.  For a complete list, please refer to our Campus Calendar.

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Mar 21
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