Marian Simion Publishes Book

Marian Simion, PhD (ABD) Adjunct Instructor in Interdisciplinary Studies at Hellenic College, and Assistant Director of the Boston Theological Institute, has authored a book which is forthcoming through the University of Montreal and the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences. It is titled Religion and Political Conflict: From Dialectics to Cross-Domain Charting. He will use the book in a course he will teach in the fall at Hellenic College, Religions and Political Violence. The Preface to the book is by Patriarch Bartholomew. The significance of this book is best described by Dr. Marc Gopin of George Mason University, an authority in the field. "Marian Simion has created a masterful analysis of religion and conflict that breaks ground on two levels. One, it marks a major departure in engagement of the intellectual world of Orthodox Christianity with the subject of religion and the origins of conflict. This is a vital need today, as we, in conflict analysis and resolution, need the input of every culture into the process of building theory and practice, and Simion's work extends dramatically the reach of our field into engagement with the Eastern Churches. Secondly, Simion brings a unique analytic ability to map our very complicated field of conflict analysis and brings that mapping to bear in a way that is relevant for both conflict analysis and resolution, as well as potlitcal science. This is a major constribution."


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