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St. Photios Symposium

The Office of Vocation and Ministry recently hosted the sixth annual St. Photios the Great Faith and Learning Symposium. This year's theme was the relationship between religion and science.

Each year the Symposium welcomes local area college students and provides them with a unique opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges they face living their faith while in school. Thirty five students from Boston University, Harvard, the New England School of Optometry, Olin College of Engineering, Queens College, Tufts, the University of Connecticut, Hellenic College and Holy Cross came together to hear three outstanding speakers, Dr. Daniel Buxhoeveden of the University of South Carolina whose specialty is cognitive science, Dr. Bruce Foltz of Eckerd College whose specialty is environmental philosophy, and Dr. Terry Orr-Weaver of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology whose specialty is biology and genetics. These three, being Orthodox Christians and scientists, were able to give the students a unique perspective on the relationship of faith and science.  They spoke compellingly of the various ways that scientific knowledge and spiritual knowledge can relate to each other. They emphasized the need for the Church to embrace the scientific community.

Dr. Timothy Patitsas, of Hellenic College and Holy Cross, moderated the panel and led one of the breakout sessions with the students. The Symposium honors Patriarch Photios of Constantinople, in whose memory the event is hosted each year. St. Photios, a polymath and Renaissance man of sorts, is an inspiration to the faithful to embrace all truth and knowledge.

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