Message from the President,
Fr. Nicholas C. Triantafilou

Fr. Nicholas TrinatafilouHCHC is comprised of both Hellenic College, a special undergraduate school with definitive programs, and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, offering three distinct graduate degrees.

On behalf of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Chairman of our Board of Trustees, Dr. Thomas C. Lelon, Vice Chairman of our Trustees, Deans, Faculty, Staff and Students and their wonderful families, I am pleased to welcome you to a pilgrimage through our website in order to explore our mission and particular programs.

Hellenic College

Hellenic College is a small liberal arts undergraduate school which offers personal attention to every student.  It has a 40-year history of specialization and care for every undergraduate who aspires to do her/his best to advance our society.  Currently Hellenic College offers the following majors: Classics & Greek Studies, Elementary Education, Human Development, Management & Leadership, Religious Studies and Literature and History. Professors constantly research their particular fields of endeavor and judiciously review their processes of communicating well the content of their particular subject matter.

Students have the opportunity for in-depth dialogue in each course while enjoying a state-of-the-art new library, as well as a new complete fitness center, a coveted gymnasium and soccer field.  Our School offers a contemporary IT Program, a visionary Office of Vocation Ministries and engaging Office of Social Ministry, as well as five enjoyable Chorale Groups.  Students enjoy into the midnight hours the recently updated smart classrooms and computer laboratories.  They also enroll in selective courses at Boston College, Newbury College and Boston University.  The Hellenic College campus is located a short distance from another 65 colleges and universities which affords each student the opportunity to attend lectures and talks, seminars and conferences of every field of interest in education.

Hellenic College also offers a unique setting for personal development, growth and spiritual reflection.  Its quiet Chapel set on one of the highest hills overlooking greater Boston, its wooded acreage and its adjacent location next to Jamaica Pond afford students, faculty and staff an appropriate environment for personal growth.  In our Christmas greeting to all, we write, "Come with haste to this Sacred Hill."  We welcome all to visit and fellowship with us.  We look forward to your joining our wonderful student body.

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

In 1946, Holy Cross relocated to beautiful Brookline, Massachusetts, upon one of the highest commanding hilltops overlooking the historic, cultural and educational capital of America.  The grandeur of these sixty wooded acres is equally matched by the engaging spiritual formation experiences and academic accomplishments heralded by all students.  The sisterhood and brotherhood of men and women who have chosen Christian Orthodoxy as their expression of life-creating faith, together with second career women and men who join this spiritual family with their spouses and children, create a sensitive song of praise to Almighty God.  This praise brings out thanksgiving for the opportunity afforded them at Holy Cross to mature in faith, to grow in theological knowledge, to settle in individual spiritual formation and journeys and to celebrate the rich Hellenic heritage with its lively history, tradition and culture.

I invite each visitor to peruse our website, to communicate with us and to visit our campus for prayer, study and fellowship.